Detect & Localize
Pipeline Leaks in Minutes

With Pipewise’s sophisticated leak detection
system (LDS) for liquid pipelines.

Configured to existing or new
pipeline systems. Tailored to meet your asset integrity needs.

CSA Z662-15 Annex E
and API 1130

Cost Effective
A cost effective
pipeline leak detection
& monitoring solution.

Here's how the
leak detection
system (LDS) works

Real-time, Measured Pipeline Data is Collected

Pipewise acquires real-time data from SCADA such as flow, pressure and temperature from measurement stations at the inlet, outlet and intermediate points along the pipeline. Values are displayed on the Pipewise HMI (human machine interface) for Operator trending and analysis.

The CPM Software Performs Leak Monitoring

Computational pipeline monitoring (CPM) software uses a Real-Time Transient Model (RTTM) and/or Mass Balance to identify deviations between expected and actual conditions that could represent a leak.

Leaks are Reported via the Pipewise HMI

The HMI (human-machine interface) displays diagnostic results. An alarm will alert the pipeline Operator of a potential leak for further analysis, validation and response.

Level of detection sophistication can be tailored to align to your asset integrity & risk management strategies

Level of Detection/ LDS Modules

LDS ModuleSimplified (LD1)Sophisticated (LD2)
Minimum Instrumentation Requirements Flow, PressureFlow, Pressure, Temperature, Density
Detection MethodMass balance or RTTMBoth

The Pipewise competitive advantage

1. Performance

2. Cost

3. Our Team

Quick and Reliable Detection
Detects small leaks (>1%)
within minutes

Cost Effective Solution
Pipewise is a cost
effective solution

Experts in CFD and CPM
Experienced and talented
technical minds

Accurate Leak Localization
Localizes and reports
leak location

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
No special tools, fly-overs or
additional instruments

Local Operational Support
Offices in Calgary and GP,
we have boots on the ground

Let's work together to enhance pipeline integrity in order to protect our communities and ecosystem

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